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Leabon Group (HK) Co., Ltd. is a leading brand management company in China. Leabon is committed to provide brand with one-stop brand management solutions including brand consulting services, brand incubation, multi-platform store operation solutions, omni-channel digital marketing solutions, omni-channel management solutions, logistics and warehousing solutions. With thetrend of cross-border E-commerce business, we focus on health area helping international brands realize localized digital retail in China, achieve brand incubation and brand upgrading. Our core advantage - we have rich experience to help high-quality brands enter into Chinese market and cultivate them from scratch.

Our Advantage
Leabon Group focuse on human and pet nutrition having insight into changes in retail trends and outputting digital growth strategies and execution solutions for global brands in various industries
  • Focus on human health and nutrition
    Leabon focus on humans and pets nutrition. We provide one-stop brand management and empower global brands to maximize its commercial value across all channels.
  • Focus on brand incubation in China
    Leabon focus on the international brands localization in China for more than ten years, providing solutions for global brands to bring online and offine strategic layout and offer consumers a better brand service experience.
  • Omni-channel operation experience
    Leabon rely on multi-channel operation capablities, support brand offline global layout, help brands build a complete multi - channel new retail network and offer product management, inventory integration, membership services.
Brand Distribution
Incubate brands from scratch and help new brands to achieve great-leap-forward development in China.
  • 50+
    Global Exclusive Distributor Of Premium Brands
  • 100+
    Official Brand Flagship Stores and POP Stores on Various Online Platforms
  • 300+
    In-Depth Cooperation With Professional Beauty Salons
  • 1000+
    National Offline Pet Stores and Distributors
  • Cooperation mode
    ·Brand exclusive distribution
    ·Brand Marketing
    ·Cross-border e-commerce operation
    ·Omni-channel distribution
    ·supply chain management
  • Innovation advantage
    ·Brand investment with low risk
    ·Sustained and stable income
    ·Visual growth goals
    ·Efficient Chinese Market Operations
    ·Long-term focused service
  • Our Case
    Famous natural pharmaceutical Brand in Europe
Brand agent operation
Rich experience in e-commerce retailing, driven by data and technology to improve sales and brand influence in China
  • Service
    ·Flagship store operation
    ·Channel expansion
    ·Content operation
    ·Data analysis
    ·Customer service
  • Team Advantage
    ·10 years of experience in the health field.
    ·Serving 50+ global brands
    ·Professional team of 60 people
    ·Providing personalized services
    ·Integrated operation services
  • Supply Chain Management
    ·Efficient global logistics solutions.
    ·Customized local packaging and delivery
    ·High standard warehouse management QC process
    ·Satisfied with diversified product warehousing requirements
Select global premium brands to improve the quality of life
  • The oldest pharmaceutical manufacturer of bee products in Croatia
    The oldest pharmaceutical manufacturer of bee products in Croatia
    Apipharma Ltd. has grown from the old, regionally traditional, craft industry enterprise of beekeeping and mead and gingerbread making under the name of Apimarket. In 1996 it became a pharmaceutical commercial company. Since that year the company has been focused on the production of dietary supplements and special purpose cosmetics, natural pharmaceutical products. Their products have been exhibited and awarded many times at numerous trade events in Croatia and other European countries.
  • Spanish expert in nutritional supplements
    Spanish expert in nutritional supplements
    Dietetica Rosan S.A. was founded in 1985 in Barcelona, Spain by Federico Verges, a doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Barcelona, with herdibel as a sub-brand of the company.
    With a history of nearly 37 years, it has grown into a Spanish brand of natural high-quality health care products. herdibel is trusted by consumers for its excellent quality, extensive scientific research, rigor and advanced production processes.
    herbel has always been committed to the use of the highest quality raw materials,herdibel is in collaboration with the most famous university in Spain, the University of Zaragoza Medical School, Dr. Jose Antonio Sha Garcia and Jose Maria Estables,
    Led a R&D team of nearly 100 people herdibel have established more than 100 SKUs At present, the brand is exported to more than 20 countries, and is recommended by pharmacists in local pharmacies in Spain.
  • Portugal famous health care brand
    Portugal famous health care brand
    Founded in 1987, DietMed, with 36 years of brand focus on the development and distribution of dietary supplements, cosmetics and homeopathic products, has become a well-known brand in the dietary supplement industry, with a product line currently consisting of more than 200 SKUs, sold in offline 1000+ pharmacies in Europe. From the beginning, Dietmed has been committed to improving people's health and quality of life through natural remedies. Quality, rigor and innovation have always been the values of the brand, and Dietmed's work has always been guided by high standards of quality, accuracy and innovation, constantly improving customer satisfaction, valuing high quality, creativity and adaptability, continuously driving innovation, overcoming daily challenges, and working together to create a better and healthier world.
  • Czech natural health brand
    Czech natural health brand
    Avanso is a Czech pharmaceutical company that produces premium health products based on the latest discoveries in the field of health research, with a high concentration of pure natural ingredients.
    Avanso products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, the active substance is microned, the oxidation process is slowed down and the durability is increased, the components are delivered to the body in the shortest time, and the components last longer and are gradually released.
    Avanso is based on its long experience in the field of nutraceuticals to provide the best possible service to consumers and to provide our customers with the best and most effective solutions in the field of health care.
  • WERUVA pet food brand
    WERUVA pet food brand
    In order to find the best food for cats and dogs, WERUVA decided to found a pet food brand for cats and dogs -- WERUVA via their more than 35 years' experience.
    WERUVA use raw materials of human food grade, and their factory meets the standards of human food processing, so as to provide double security for your cat and dog. Each flavor meets the nutritional standards for adult cats and dogs set by AAFCO. Making it the best staple food choice for your pet.
  • No.1 Recommended By Veterinarians In Poland in 2016
    No.1 Recommended By Veterinarians In Poland in 2016
    VET EXPERT is a well-known pet brand in Europe. The company is committed to providing consumers with high-quality solutions for veterinary diagnostics, drug development, animal care and nutrition.
    The company is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland.
    After years of development, distributors of VET EXPERT have spread across four continents and more than 40 countries by providing high-quality products and services to millions of pets around the world.
    Our pet dietary supplements and pet food are developed by pet nutrition experts with outstanding clinical and academic experience.
  • Professional Sports Rehabilitation Brand
    Professional Sports Rehabilitation Brand
    Starbalm is a professional sports protection brand in Europe, belonging to the medical system in European countries. It is used for activating and relaxing muscles before and after exercise, as well as managing acute and chronic pain before and after surgery. The product is safe and effective.
    The products are commonly used and recommended by hundreds of top professional clubs and professional team doctors around the world, and are designated for use by national teams in major global events.
    Starbalm is popular over 60 countries worldwide, with tens of thousands of physical therapy clinics, sports medicine rehabilitation centers, sports venues, sports teams, pharmacies, and Watsons in Singapore.
  • High-end gold series skin care product
    High-end gold series skin care product
    In 1981, a princess of Saudi Arabia Sarah established a laboratory in Dallas.
    Shyance® gold products are currently sold in 60 countries in the world since they are launched into the market.
    In addition,Shyance ® gold cooperates with more than 1,000 high-end professional beauty salons in Europe and the United States.
  • Spanish Royal Health Brand
    Spanish Royal Health Brand
    PLANTAPOL was founded in 1982, and its founder Jose Ignacio graduated from the famous European Salamanca University, With a forward-looking health philosophy and enthusiasm, plantapol have established the goal of providing people with safer, more effective, cost-effective, and beneficial dietary supplements.
  • Belgium natural nutrition brand
    Belgium natural nutrition brand
    Physalis has a history of 30 years, with over 70 people R&D teams dedicated to developing natural, innovative, effective, and high-quality health products.
    Physalis has developed a professional and rigorous quality control strategy. The goal of physalis is to combine tradition and nature with technology and innovation to provide effective, safe, and high-quality products.
  • Focusing on the development of innovative pet products
    Focusing on the development of innovative pet products
    Neoterica GmbH is a German company founded in 2010, specializing in the development of innovative pet products. Its headquarters are located in the German business center of Essen, aiming to provide scientific and innovative solutions and products for animals in the field of pet health. Eight production factories worldwide have obtained EU GMP certification, and the products developed by the company have received unanimous recognition from veterinarians and pet owners around the world.
  • The Power of Herbs Derived from American Specialized Health Brands
    The Power of Herbs Derived from American Specialized Health Brands
    Mason Natural was founded in 1967 and is committed to producing high-quality products and providing the best customer service. Mason Natural is one of the famous health product brands in the United States, with excellent quality deeply favored by Americans. It is also a recommended product for physicians and pharmacists in major hospitals and pharmacies.
    The brand business starts with local pharmacies, with nearly 4000 well-known chain pharmacies in the United States, including Walmart, Walgreens, RiteAid, CVS, Target, Vitamin Shop, and more.
    There are over 400 product lines, and Mason Natural produces each formula that meets the FDA US Pharmacopoeia level standards, ASI food safety certification, and NSF certification, meeting the most advanced manufacturing facility production standards of cGMP to provide excellent purity and quality. Selling well in over 50 countries around the world.
  • Spanish Health Product Industry Benchmark for 40 Years
    Spanish Health Product Industry Benchmark for 40 Years
    40 years of using Spanish raw materials and the study of Mediterranean diet natural nutritional products ,Higifar has developed Higifar, Dercare, Sisbelt three series of products.
    It has become a benchmark in the field of dietary supplements.
    Respected by many nutritionists, doctors and other professionals, Higifar has helped tens of thousands of users regain their health.
    We hope to bring this healthy way of life to more and more people.
  • Serbian Dietary Nutrition Supplement Brand
    Serbian Dietary Nutrition Supplement Brand
    Pharmacologist Miomir Nikoli from Belgrade University, the largest and oldest university in Serbia And ESENSA was founded in Belgrade in 2002. ESENSA is the production department of FARMALOGIST, the third largest pharmaceutical company in Serbia, and has been operating under the name of ESENSA doo as of 2007.
    Since 2009, Farmalist has been a member of GIRP (European Healthcare Distribution Association). In the same year, ESENSA doo obtained a production license for medical devices.
  • Spanish natural nutrition brand
    Spanish natural nutrition brand
    Eladiet was co-founded in Spain in 1985 by 70 people scientists R&D team.This team is led by Spanish nutritional medicine scientist Amelia Boix. They are committed to researching how to maximize the use of the natural power of plants to create natural, effective, high-quality products to improve people's health. Over the past 38 years, Eladiet has become a leading European natural health products brand, with more than 120 products including dietary supplements, health foods, functional foods and cosmetics . These products are sold well in 40 countries around the world and are deeply trusted by European customers.
  • Spanish phytotherapy health care brand
    Spanish phytotherapy health care brand
    Equisalud is a renowned specialist brand in the field of phytotherapy, food supplements and natural cosmetics in Spain.
    In 1989, pharmacist and biologist Antonio Vega founded Equisalud in Huarte, Pamplona, Spain, to maximize the extraction of plant active ingredients.
    After years of investigation and testing, he designed a series of differentiated new nutritional supplements.
    Equisalud has created more than 400 products that consumers can trust with craftsmanship of excellence and focus on innovation,
    exceeding the industry's requirements for quality, safety and efficacy.
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